Named Scholarships

Every scholarship fund has a story

Behind each Named Scholarship, commonly known as memorial scholarships, there is a living memory of a loved one that was impacted by SpringHill.

Through Named Scholarships last year:
  • Over 400 campers attended SpringHill
  • More than $91,000 was raised from supporters

Support a story today

  • Africa La Calle Memorial Fund Supporting at-risk youth or kids with special needs attending Indiana Overnight.
  • David Neeld Fund Supporting young people with special needs attending Indiana Overnight.
  • Elijah's Cloak God's Protection through the Storm: Supporting young people in foster care or that may be at-risk of entering foster care attending Indiana Overnight.
  • Jesse Buist Memorial Scholarship Supporting youth attending Tabernacle Day Camp and young people who have aged out of Tabernacle Day Camp that will be attending Michigan Overnight. Also supporting young people from the ministry of Coit Community Church that will be attending Michigan overnight camp.
  • Noah's Fund-Special Needs Supporting young people with special needs attending Indiana Overnight.
  • Urban Hope Scholarship Supporting youth living in urban areas of Indianapolis attending Indiana Overnight.
  • West Michigan Scholarships Supporting youth attending both Day Camps and Michigan Overnight from West Michigan.
  • Brian Legel Memorial Fund Supporting deserving campers to attend SpringHill's Outdoor Adventure camp at Michigan Overnight.


"I learned that God is always by my side. He always loves me no matter what."
-Josiah, Named Scholarship Recipient

Start your own named scholarship

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"When I get home I will tell more people about this place, so I can have more people know about Jesus."
- Stephanie, Named Scholarship Recipient