Summer Overnight Positions

A summer at SpringHill? Anything but average.

Throughout your work at a SpringHill Overnight location, your job will be to create life-changing experiences for young people. That might mean being a camp counselor, a boat driver, a marketing intern or anything in between! Whatever your interests, SpringHill has a job just for you.

In any of the roles listed below, you'll get to grow in an intentional, fun-loving, spiritual community. You'll grow by studying the Bible and worshiping together. You'll build relationships that last a lifetime. AND you might even introduce a child to Jesus for the very first time.

Oh, and we should mention, all of this stuff looks great on a resume.

At SpringHill we believe that everyone has the potential to become a leader and grow in leadership skills. That's why we call our summer staff "Summer Leaders." We believe that our summer leaders are the next generation of Christ followers who will change the world in whatever vocation they pursue. So as you learn and grow as a leader, you'll get to pour into kids who will eventually become young leaders themselves, and be able to bring your skills back to school and beyond.

It's anything but average.

As an area director, you'll focus on programming for campers as well as leading and encouraging summer leaders. You'll be responsible for:

  • Implementing all evening events, campfires, and skits for campers
  • Running morning meetings with summer leaders by providing information as well as encouragement from the Bible
  • Spending one-on-one time with your staff and observing interactions between staff and campers each week
  • Ministering to campers through time spent at activities
  • Dealing with behavioral issues with campers that arise

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Skills you will acquire:

  • Leadership
  • Time management
  • Project management
  • Children's ministry programming
  • Curriculum Training
  • Behavior management
  • Teaching
  • People management
  • Public speaking

We look for area directors who:

  • Enjoy being around and working with kids
  • Enjoy being around and working with peers/college students
  • Can manage an entire staff of college students
  • Can speak articulately to parents
  • Are confident in leading Bible studies
  • Are confident on stage
  • Believe in the SpringHill mission

As a summer leader, you will work directly with a group of campers for the entire week. From doing activities together to leading bible studies and sharing testimonies around the campfire, you'll focus on building relationships with kids and providing them an amazing camp experience. You'll also be responsible for the campers in your cabin and their physical, emotional, and spiritual safety.

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Skills you will acquire:

  • Leadership
  • Public speaking
  • Teaching
  • Time management

We look for summer leaders who:

  • Have completed one year of college
  • Enjoy and have experience working with kids
  • Can effectively provide an environment for children that is physically and emotionally safe, and spiritually challenging
  • Believe in the SpringHill mission

As an inclusion leader, you'll work alongside summer leaders in a cabin group, providing one-on-one care for campers with special needs. You'll assume the same responsibilities as the other summer leaders, specifically ensuring that campers with special needs are taken care of from a social, emotional, and physical standpoint. You'll have to look for creative ways to adapt lessons to meet the needs of your assigned camper and ensure their camper is included.

SpringHill has one of the leading inclusion programs in the country. Virtually no other summer camp in America integrates campers like we do to create a completely inclusive environment. All campers are valued and all campers are integrated in camp activities and programming participating in everything together. As a special needs leader, you would be a crucial part of this program, helping us make sure all kids get to have a life-changing experience of Christ through SpringHill.

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Skills you will acquire:

  • Leadership
  • Communications
  • De-escalation techniques
  • Working with children with special needs
  • Creative teaching

We look for special needs leaders who:

  • Have a heart for children with special needs
  • Have a servant's attitude
  • Have some experience working with people with disabilities
  • Are willing to accompany and assist campers in changing, toileting, and showering
  • Are able and willing to lift/transfer campers
  • Are able and willing to handle possible altercations with campers including biting, spitting, or hitting
  • Believe in the SpringHill mission

As a high adventure activity leader, you'll spend your week running the climbing wall, zipline, and working to develop teams on the low ropes course. You'll have the chance to encourage and interact with campers who may be facing uncertainty or fear during these activities. You'll also get paired with a cabin group so you can spend time with campers during campfires and in between designated activity times. SpringHill is deeply committed to our inclusion program, so an important part of your role will be to help all campers, especially those with special needs, participate in high adventure activities with their cabin mates.

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Skills you will acquire:

  • Leadership
  • Teaching
  • High Adventure & Climbing
  • Belaying & Knotting
  • Time Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Problem Solving

We look for high adventure leaders who:

  • Have the technical ability to learn knots and belaying
  • Have the physical ability to climb
  • Are able to work at heights
  • Enjoying being around and working with kids
  • Are willing to work in all types of weather conditions
  • Are willing to work other SpringHill events outside of summer camp
  • Believe in the SpringHill mission

As a boat driver, you'll spend your summer on a 350 acre lake with campers 4th-12th grade. You'll be responsible for driving boats in an appropriate manner to provide a fun and safe tubing experience for campers. You will also be a lifeguard to keep an eye on boats and ensure the safety of swimming campers. Your lifeguard responsibilities also include aquatics activities like the blob and waterslides. Additionally, you'll get paired with a cabin group so you can spend time with campers during campfires and in between designated activity times.

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Skills you will acquire:

  • Leadership
  • Teaching
  • Lifeguard certification
  • Boat driving training
  • Time management
  • Aquatics safety

We look for boat drivers who:

  • Are at least 21 years of age
  • Have a Lifeguard Certification
  • Can pass the Lifeguard training test
    • 300 meter swim (no stopping or standing)
    • Brick dive (swim 25 meters, surface dive 10 feet, retrieve 10lbs object, resurface and return 25 meters)
  • Can pass boat driver training
  • Have experience and are comfortable behind the wheel
  • Enjoy being around and working with kids
  • Believe in the SpringHill mission
As a horse wrangler, you'll be responsible for teaching riding lessons, leading trail rides, taking care of the horses, and managing the barn. The horse program is one of the most popular at SpringHill and an integral part of the overall camper experience.

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Skills you will acquire:

  • Leadership
  • Teaching
  • Barn management
  • Equestrian
  • Communications

We look for horse wranglers who:

  • Are comfortable working with horses
  • Have the ability to ride horses
  • Are committed to taking care of SpringHill facilities
  • Are willing to work other SpringHill events as needed
  • Enjoy being around and working with kids who have varying skill levels
  • Believe in the SpringHill mission
As a health officer, you'll be responsible for assisting the health lead in day to day operations of SpringHill Health Services. This includes assisting campers that come to the infirmary, communicating with camper parents, collecting and distributing medication, responding to emergency situations, documenting situations, and sharing the responsibility of being on call during the weekend.

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Skills you will acquire:

  • Leadership
  • Nursing
  • Parent communication
  • Administering basic first aid
  • Managing and administering medication
  • Emergency response

We look for health officers who:

  • Are at least 21 years of age
  • Have at least one year of nursing and pharmacology class
  • Enjoy being around and working with kids
  • Have a valid driver's license
As production support you will be responsible for capturing the camp experience through photography and/or videography. We are committed to capturing an image of each camper every day, and we'll rely on you to make sure that this happens. Media directors may also work on capturing video footage for weekly highlight videos and promotional videos.

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Skills you will acquire:

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Audio engineering

We look for media directors who:

  • Have experience or are majoring in photography, media, video production, or something similar
  • Enjoy being around and working with kids
  • Believe in the SpringHill mission
As a kitchen leader, you'll have the unique opportunity to reach kids through serving them in the dining hall experience. You'll be responsible for cooking meals, dishing up portions, restocking and refilling food lines, and cleaning up. When meal times are over, you'll get to spend the rest of your day with Teen Service Teams (9-12th grade program).

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Skills you will acquire:

  • Leadership
  • Cooking in a commercial kitchen
  • Cooking for large groups of people
  • Culinary techniques
  • Kitchen and cooking safety
  • Serving in a dining setting
  • Food prep/management

We look for kitchen leaders who:

  • Have finished at least two years of college
  • Enjoy cooking/preparing food
  • Are comfortable working in a kitchen setting
  • Are willing to serve in a dining experience
  • Enjoy being around kids
  • Believe in the SpringHill mission
As a member of the office staff, you'll be in charge of answering all incoming phone calls and maintaining a high level of customer and staff service. You'll also be responsible for retrieving and responding to voicemails, distributing phone messages, greeting and assisting visitors, keeping the reception area organized, referring summer staff to appropriate employees if they have questions, helping prepare for opening and closing day, data entry, assisting with mail, and helping run the lost and found. In the evenings, you'll get to join other summer leaders and campers for events.

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Skills you will acquire:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Customer service
  • Organizational
  • Data entry

We look for office staff who:

  • Are highly organized
  • Are confident with speaking on the phone
  • Have a warm and outgoing personality
  • Are able to provide excellent customer service
  • Willing to serve and answer questions
  • Believe in the SpringHill mission

We offer a wide range of internship opportunities every summer!

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Internships available in:

  • Business Services
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • Development + Fundraising


$175/week ($1,750 for a full summer)

Meals and Housing: Your housing and all your meals will be provided during your time at SpringHill (with the exception of Saturdays at Day Camp). At Overnight, you'll eat in the dining hall with your campers. At Day Camps, you'll have your meals at the church, at your host home, or out with your staff.

Time Off

Yes! You do get time off, but it looks different for each role as well as for Day Camp or Overnight camp.

At Day Camps, campers go home everyday which means that you get to hang out with your staff at your host home, explore the city you are staying in, and get prepared for the next day of camp. Weekends are also a time to unwind and get ready for a new week, a new city, a new church and new campers!

At Overnight, your campers are with you 24/7, but that doesn't mean you don't get any downtime. You do get breaks during the week and on weekends, you will have the opportunity to get some free time to head into town and explore local restaurants, hang out with your staff, do laundry, or simply relax in your hammock.

We do ask that summer leaders commit to working at SpringHill for the entire duration of camp. Exceptions include "once in a lifetime" events like a family wedding or graduation.


The best way to tell you about this benefit is just to share some words from our staff:

"You develop life long friends."

"Some of the same people I worked with at camp during my first summer are still my best friends today. Some of them were even in my wedding."

"They are intentional relationships"

"I know there are people I can count on when I'm going through things."

Professional Development

Internships: We offer most of our jobs as internships and work to make sure that you are able to meet your internship objectives. In every position, we will work with you to help you learn skills and gain experience that you can directly transfer to your professional life post-SpringHill.

Leadership Development

You'll receive training in experiential learning, increased self-efficacy, formal feedback processes, and coaching in several of our 10 identified leadership competencies. This experience during the summer will be a training ground so that you can be even more effective when you go back to your schools and communities in the fall. You will have learned and experienced how to lay down your burdens and pick up your cross as Jesus directs us to in Matthew 11:28-30.

The SpringHill Network

In addition to hands-on professional development experience, after a summer leading at SpringHill you become part of the ever-growing network of SpringHill alumni who are changing the world. Former summer leaders are leading overseas ministries, heading up camps around the country, and running successful businesses.

"When I'm at SpringHill, I feel known and accepted."

"I know that if I need to call someone at 2 in the morning, that my SpringHill friends will be right there to pick up the phone, cry with me, pray with me and walk through the trials of life with me."

"We have fun together, we worship together, we do life together."

"It is a spiritual support system"

Will I get paid?

Of course! $175/week starting salary.

Will I serve at the same location all summer?

That depends. At our Overnight camps you will mostly stay put for the whole summer, but may be asked to travel to a Day Camp location for 1–2 weeks. If you serve with Day Camps, you will travel throughout a region, hosting camp at a different church each week.

What is Day Camp?

In 2006, God called SpringHill to move and go meet kids in their own city, so we decided to take camp on the road! Day Camp is a summer of week-long camps hosted by leading churches where we take local kids on an adventure and share Christ's love. Day Camp means travel, fun, and getting outside your comfort zone.

What is Overnight camp?

Overnight is the classic camp experience — complete with blobs, climbing walls, ziplines, and intentional relationships. SpringHill has been doing summer camp since 1969 and has two locations; in beautiful central Michigan and scenic southern Indiana.

Will I get college credit?

We will do our best to help you earn college credit by working at SpringHill. Many college programs offer internship credit, and we will work to make sure that your job fulfills those requirements.

Where do I stay when I'm traveling with Day Camps?

If we're at a church in your city, you can stay at home! Otherwise, SpringHill's partner churches provide housing for us when we travel in the form of generous host homes. All host homes are background-checked and host at least 2-3 summer leaders.

Where is SpringHill located?

Overnight locations are located in Evart, Michigan and Seymour, Indiana.

Day Camps travel in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Kentucky.

All you need to know about prepping for your summer at Michigan Overnight.

Essential Information

All you need to know about prepping for your summer at Indiana Overnight.

Overnight Camps

"I developed in leadership, learned more about that it means to work in ministry, developed life-long friendships, and chose to alter my career path as a result of working at SpringHill."
Former Overnight Summer Leader

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