Summer Leaders

Kick off your career helping kids to grow their faith!

Your opportunities as a summer leader or staff:

+ Step away from your day to day

+ Develop valuable skills for your resume and your vocation

+ Be part of an incredible community of peers and mentors

+ Change the lives of kids for Christ

Overnight + Day Camp


$175/week ($1,750 for a full summer)

Meals and Housing: Your housing and all your meals will be provided during your time at SpringHill (with the exception of Saturdays at Day Camp). At Overnight, you'll eat in the dining hall with your campers. At Day Camps, you'll have your meals at the church, at your host home, or out with your staff.

Time Off

Yes! You do get time off, but it looks different for each role as well as for Day Camp or Overnight camp.

At Day Camps, campers go home everyday which means that you get to hang out with your staff at your host home, explore the city you are staying in, and get prepared for the next day of camp. Weekends are also a time to unwind and get ready for a new week, a new city, a new church and new campers!

At Overnight, your campers are with you 24/7, but that doesn't mean you don't get any downtime. You do get breaks during the week and on weekends, you will have the opportunity to get some free time to head into town and explore local restaurants, hang out with your staff, do laundry, or simply relax in your hammock.

We do ask that summer leaders commit to working at SpringHill for the entire duration of camp. Exceptions include "once in a lifetime" events like a family wedding or graduation.


The best way to tell you about this benefit is just to share some words from our staff:

"You develop life long friends."

"Some of the same people I worked with at camp during my first summer are still my best friends today. Some of them were even in my wedding."

"They are intentional relationships"

"I know there are people I can count on when I'm going through things."

Professional Development

Internships: We offer most of our jobs as internships and work to make sure that you are able to meet your internship objectives. In every position, we will work with you to help you learn skills and gain experience that you can directly transfer to your professional life post-SpringHill.

Leadership Development

You'll receive training in experiential learning, increased self-efficacy, formal feedback processes, and coaching in several of our 10 identified leadership competencies. This experience during the summer will be a training ground so that you can be even more effective when you go back to your schools and communities in the fall. You will have learned and experienced how to lay down your burdens and pick up your cross as Jesus directs us to in Matthew 11:28-30.

The SpringHill Network

In addition to hands-on professional development experience, after a summer leading at SpringHill you become part of the ever-growing network of SpringHill alumni who are changing the world. Former summer leaders are leading overseas ministries, heading up camps around the country, and running successful businesses.

"When I'm at SpringHill, I feel known and accepted."
"I know that if I need to call someone at 2 in the morning, that my SpringHill friends will be right there to pick up the phone, cry with me, pray with me and walk through the trials of life with me."

"We have fun together, we worship together, we do life together."

"It is a spiritual support system"

Will I get paid?

Of course! $175/week starting salary.

Will I serve at the same location all summer?

That depends. At our Overnight camps you will mostly stay put for the whole summer, but may be asked to travel to a Day Camp location for 1–2 weeks. If you serve with Day Camps, you will travel throughout a region, hosting camp at a different church each week.

What is Day Camp?

In 2006, God called SpringHill to move and go meet kids in their own city, so we decided to take camp on the road! Day Camp is a summer of week-long camps hosted by leading churches where we take local kids on an adventure and share Christ's love. Day Camp means travel, fun, and getting outside your comfort zone.

What is Overnight camp?

Overnight is the classic camp experience—complete with blobs, climbing walls, ziplines, and intentional relationships. SpringHill has been doing summer camp since 1969 and has two locations; in beautiful central Michigan and scenic southern Indiana.

Will I get college credit?

We will do our best to help you earn college credit by working at SpringHill. Many college programs offer internship credit, and we will work to make sure that your job fulfills those requirements.

Where do I stay when I'm traveling with Day Camps?

If we're at a church in your city, you can stay at home! Otherwise, SpringHill's partner churches provide housing for us when we travel in the form of generous host homes. All host homes are background-checked and host at least 2-3 summer leaders.

Where is SpringHill located?

Overnight locations are located in Evart, Michigan and Seymour, Indiana.

Day Camps travel in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Kentucky.

February 1, 2017

Saginaw Valley State University


Spring Arbor

February 2, 2017

Central Michigan University

University of Cincinnati

Oakland University

February 3, 2017

Central Michigan University

Cincinnati Christian

February 6, 2017

Grand Valley State University

Ohio Christian University

Campbellsville University

February 7, 2017

Grand Valley State University

University of Indianapolis

Judson University

Mt Vernon Nazarene University

University of Kentucky

Rochester College

February 8, 2017

Grand Valley State University

Indiana University

Moody Bible Institute

Ohio Northern University

Asbury College

February 9, 2017

Western Michigan University

Indiana University

Bluffton University

Asbury University

Morehead State University

February 10, 2017

Morehead State University

February 13, 2017

Cornerstone University

Ball State University

Wheaton College

February 14, 2017

Cornerstone University

Taylor University

Ball State University

Concordia Ann Arbor

February 15, 2017

Calvin College

Taylor University

Olivet College

Adrian College

February 16, 2017

Calvin College

Campbellsville University

Michigan State University

February 17, 2017

Campbellsville University

Michigan State University Young Life

February 20, 2017

DePaul University

Purdue University

February 21, 2017

Aquinas College


Purdue University

Butler University

February 22, 2017

Hope College

University of Illinois, Chicago

Butler University

Michigan State University

February 23, 2017

Hope College

Indiana State University

Albion College

February 27, 2017

Greenville College

Ohio Valley University

February 28, 2017

Greenville College


March 1, 2017

Malone University

March 2, 2017

Ashland University

March 7, 2017

Campbellsville University

March 8, 2017

Oakland University

SpringHill had a lasting impact for our former Summer Leaders

SpringHill commissioned a study of past staff and leaders to quantity the influence SpringHill has had on their career, church involvement, and overall spiritual growth.

Our Community

Since 1969, SpringHill has partnered with young adults to create life-changing experiences of Christ. The community of friends and mentors that has formed in our ministry since then is one of the biggest reasons our leaders and staff come back each summer. The relationships you can develop here will challenge and grow you spiritually, professionally, and personally.

As a summer leader or staff, you will be part of an exciting ministry, dedicated to the idea of integrating faith and fun. Along the way, you'll gain experience for a lifetime, skills that you can apply to your education and career, and a deepened faith in Christ.
"The community of SpringHill is unlike any other. You're challenged spiritually and professionally. It's an incredible work place for someone who needs to leave their comfort zone while still feeling confident in their ability to share the gospel and work with children."
Former SpringHill Summer Leader

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