Grades 1-3 (Michigan)

Storybrook is designed for boys and girls who have completed grades 1-3

How SpringHill is suited for elementary-age kids

Small group experience at a big camp

SpringHill may be a big camp full of fun activities - but your child will never feel lost. They will spend their entire camp week with the same cabin mates and counselors. The intimacy of the small group will help your child build meaningful relationships with others and give them the confidence to get out of their comfort zone.

Low 1:6 counselors-to-camper ratio

We have a very low 1:6 counselor-to-camper ratio at this age level. Our staff is trained to address the emotional, mental, spiritual and behavioral needs of a 1-3 grade child in order to better serve and accommodate every individual.

An environment that taps into your child's imagination

The campers in Storybrook love imagination and creativity. We purposely tap into both of those awesome traits through our programming, housing, activities, and curriculum. Storybrook is designed to help captivate your camper's imagination.

Fun activities & chances to try new things

Every camper wants to have as much fun as possible. Storybrook is full of amazing adventures and activities designed just for this age group. Your campers will have plenty of opportunities to be high-flying or get soaking we during the week.

Learning about God through teachable moments

Every experience your child has at SpringHill is intentionally designed to integrate faith and teachable moments into the fun activities. We use questions and Bible stories that campers in Storybrook will understand to challenge them to live out their faith everyday.

Fun, family-style meal time

We eat our meals family-style at SpringHill. The counselors will help serve each camper and then join them during the meal to make sure each camper is drinking water and eating well. We always have fruit and salad bar avalialbe as well as an alternative to the hot meal. eat and drink plenty of water.

"We thought our first grader would cry herself to sleep. When we picked her up, she was crying because she did not want to leave SpringHill. She has been back every year since."

Camper Parent

How we care for & nurture your camper

Helping your child grow in their faith

As a parent, we know you want to see your child grow in their faith. This is also extremely important to us, and one of our main goals while your child is at SpringHill. Our counselors are young, passionate, and fun role models who are open about their love for God and God's love for your child.

Our top goal is to integrate faith and fun throughout each day of camp. Counselors are always looking for teachable moments throughout the camp day.

Camp counselors are emotionally invested in your child

Your child will be with the same counselors the entire week. This gives counselors the time to get to know your child and become emotionally invested in their lives. A counselor's sole purpose is to build relationships with your camper and make sure they are well taken care of and included at camp.

Your camper will never be left alone

Counselors stay in cabins with campers and spend the whole day with these cabin groups, participating in activities and leading small group sessions. are on duty 24/7. We have additional counselors who run activities during the day and stay with your campers at night to provide extra support both at activities and in the cabins. This ensures that campers are never left alone and still get the individualized attention that they need.

Special care for campers missing home

Homesickness is not uncommon at camp - usually because it's a child's first time away from home for an extended period of time. We are aware of this and love to care for and pray for each child who is having a difficult time being away from mom or dad. Most of the time, homesickness occurs right before bed, so our counselors are trained in how to anticipate and care for a child who may be missing home.

Trained medical staff to manage your child's medical needs

Working with our professional medical staff, counselors ensure campers receive the treatment and medications they need. If your camper takes medications, they will receive the right dose at the right time, every day.

Policies and procedures to ensure your child's safety

At every level, staff members are not permitted to be alone with campers. Campers and staff must always be within view of others or in groups of at least three. Additionally, we make it a point to help educate parents on how to keep their children safe.

"The camp leaders are excellent role models - my son has a love for God and seeks Him more because of his experience at SpringHill"

Camper Parent

"I don't know of any other place where the counselors are so well trained and truly care about every camper."

Camper Parent

Typical day for grades 1-3 campers

Morning Watch - Campers are given a chance each morning to learn how to read their Bibles and start their day off in the Word.
Morning RAP - Each cabin will have a small group time to learn more about the Bible story they read this morning and dive into the truth of the day!
Lunchtime Event - Campers will have the opportunity to see a skit that brings the truth of the day to life! The skit will reflect the theme of the year and will start with a worship song.
Afternoon activities - The afternoon is filled with more exciting activities. Campers will be scheduled for showers and a chance to go to the snack shack each day!
Afternoon RAP- Cabin groups have another small group time to continue to process the Bible story and learn more about each day's truth!
Evening Event - Campers will play large group games with their area, planned by the area directors and counselors. The week culminates in an epic battle!
Get ready for bed
Campfire - Each area gathers around the campfire to sing songs and hear a message from their area director
Lights out - Bedtime is early in Storybrook campers so they can be ready for another fun-filled day!

"SpringHill is a great opportunity for kids to integrate faith and fun as well as to grow in their relationship with Christ. Kids also get to engage in fun activities and interact with peers in a fun environment."

Camper Parent

Themed housing that engages your camper's imagination

Farm Village

Old MacDonald may have had a farm, but we have four farm houses, silos and a garden! This housing area can sleep 40 campers and eight counselors.

Safari Village

The Serengeti Village has four units and is trimmed with a jungle walkway with thatch and reed finishes on the housing huts. Tiki torches lead the way to this housing unit tucked-behind-the-trees.


Let's go Engine Co. 1! These four firehouses sleep 40 campers and eight counselors. And a real fire truck is parked right outside!

Pick a program that fits your camper

The difference between the Classic Overnight Program and one of the Major Overnight Programs is that the latter allows your camper to focus in on a particular area of camp for several hours each day. The Major Overnight Program allows them to spend more time developing specific skills and interests as opposed to sampling a wide variety of activities. They will still get to do some of the iconic activities such as the Zipline or the Blob. Cost varies per program.


Experience a variety of awesome activities! Travel to new heights on the zipline and climbing wall before cooling off with a giant splash on the blob and gusher. Take your time as you practice your aim at target sports! Let your creativity flow at crafts. All the while, you'll be building relationships with your cabinmates and counselors, get ready to make some wonderful memories!


Whoa, how cool is this? There's something for everyone with this riding experience! Learn technique in the arena and on the trails. Plus, play games to learn about horse care, feeding, and grooming. Giddy up! Open to Grade 3 Girls only for now.

Outdoor Adventure

Get ready for an epic week of camp! Through outdoor activities, your camper will learn decision making skills, shelter building, fire building, and more. Increase your camper's awareness about the world around them through environmental education. Open to Grade 3 Boys only for now.

Registering for 2019 summer camp

How to register

The best way to get signed up is to register online.

Cancellation policy

  • A deposit of $35 is required when registering before November 1, 2018
  • A deposit of $150 is required when registering after November 1, 2018
  • If cancellation is made by November 1, 2018, result is forfeiture of a $150 deposit
  • Cancellations within 21 days prior to camp start date will result in forfeiture of one half the cost of camp
  • No-shows for a scheduled camp will result in forfeiture of the full camp fee

Available discounts

Prices vary depending on the program and discounts are available in some situations.

  • Multiple-week campers - Campers who apply for two Overnight Camp sessions will receive a discount of $75 off the second week
  • Multiple-camper families - Overnight families that register more than two campers from their immediate family (i.e. brother, sister) will receive a discount of $100.00 per additional camper. This discount does not apply to campers attending more than one camp session

Please note that SpringHill does not stack discounts and will apply the best discount for the family.

Payment plans

  • Fixed monthly amount - You set the monthly amount that you would like withdrawn from your account. The remaining balance will be automatically withdrawn on May 1, 2019
  • Monthly payment plan - Your total balance will be split evenly based on how many months are left before May 1, 2019. Remaining balance is due May 1, 2019
  • Installments - If an installment plan would make payment easier, we will be happy to work with you. If you register online, you can set the payment dates in the camper record. Payment in full must be received before camp begins

Scholarships & financial assistance

We want to provide a SpringHill experience for all kids, regardless of financial circumstances or uncertainty. Scholarships are made possible every year through generous gifts of individuals and organizations. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a scholarship for everyone who applies.

2019 Scholarship Form

SpringHill Camps Scholarships
PO Box 100
Evart, MI 49631