Parent Handbook

Keep it safe. Keep it fun!

Parent's guide to SpringHill

We understand that sending your child to camp is a big decision. For over 40 years, we've been entrusted by parents to take care of their kids and foster their spiritual growth in a fun environment. Our Parent Handbook is intended to help parents learn about and become comfortable with SpringHill.

Questions about Safety & Camper Care?

Read the Parent Handbook or give us a call directly:

For Michigan, call 231.734.2616
For Indiana, call 812.497.0008

Parent Handbook

Will my child be properly cared for?

Will my child feel cared for while at camp?

Your child will be with the same counselors the entire week. This gives counselors the time to get to know your child and become emotionally invested in their lives. A counselor's sole purpose is to build relationships with your camper and make sure they are well taken care of and included at camp.

We have a very low counselor-to-camper ratio and all of the staff are trained on the age group they are working with. They are trained in emotional, mental, spiritual, and behavioral needs in order to better serve and accommodate each and every child.

What if my child gets homesick?

Homesickness is common because camp is often a child's first time away from home. We love to care for and pray with each child that experiences homesickness. Our staff is trained how to handle homesickness in order to best serve your camper.

What about medical needs?

Working with our professional medical staff, counselors ensure campers receive the treatment and medications they need. If your camper takes medications, they will receive the right dose at the right time, every day.

What should my child bring to Day Camps?

Packing List

  • Backpack
  • Water Bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit
  • Extra change of clothes
  • Plastic bag for wet clothes
  • Lunch
  • Bible
  • Pencil or Pen


"I don't know of any other place where the counselors are so well trained and truly care about every camper."

Camper Parent

Will my child be safe & protected?

We have carefully considered and prepared our counselors to provide the safest experience possible at camp. Here are just a few of our safety policies.

Eye-shot rule

Campers are never alone (out of "eye-shot") with another camper or counselor. Campers are always in groups of at least 3, with 2 campers and 1 counselor at a minimum.


Sunscreen applied generously at least 2 times per day.


We allow time for water breaks before and after every activity and strongly recommend campers bring water bottles to camp.

Weather readiness

We always have alternative indoor activities and schedules to accommodate rain or high temperatures.

Bathroom policy

Counselors are never alone with your child for bathroom breaks. At least 2 campers always go with 1 counselor.

Behavior management

All counselors are trained in our behavior management and anti-bullying policy. If a behavior does arise that causes a disturbance, it is dealt with immediately.

See it, Say it, Tell it

We train our counselors and teach all our campers about our See it, Say it, Tell it policy.

"If you SEE bad things happening around you, you need to SAY no to any situation that makes you or another person feel unsafe or uncomfortable. And you need to TELL your leader or anyone else with a SpringHill name tag about whatever you saw or made you feel that way."

We all follow these rules so that everyone at SpringHill can have an amazing time together!


"We understand sending your child to camp is a big decision and we take the responsibility to care for your child very seriously. Ensuring a safe, meaningful camp experience is the top priority for every member of our team. From activity directors to camp counselors to dining hall staff—we care about your child."

SpringHill Camp Director

Can I trust my child with your camp staff?

Each year, we interview 2,500 college-age candidates in order to find the very best staff to serve your child. Each staff person goes through a rigourous evaluation, an independent background check, and intensive training.

Rigourous evaluation of spirtual maturity & experience with kids

We conduct hundreds of in-depth interviews focused on evaluating where candidates are in their spiritual walk, maturity of faith, experience working with kids, and overall competencies for the job.

Independent background checks

  • Each staff member gets a background check conducted by an independent company
  • We check for criminal history
  • We check the sex offender registry and child abuse/neglect registry
  • We require a minimum of 3 references

Intensive training for every staff person

Before the season starts, we need up to 1,000 amazing SpringHill staffers who are ready and able to serve your child.

All of our staff goes through the same base training where they learn:

  • Camper care
  • Safety protocols
  • Child protection
  • Conflict management
  • Customer service
  • First aid awareness

Couselors are able to invest in your child

We hire two sets of staff. Counselors are trained to focus on kids throughout their week at camp. The activity staff are trained to safely facilitate activities for the kids. This allows counselors to focus and participate in the activity with their campers, creating shared memories and stronger relationships.


"The camp leaders are excellent role models – my son has a love for God and seeks Him more because of his experience at SpringHill."

Camper Parent

Will my child feel comfortable at SpringHill?

Will my child be around other kids his/her age?

SpringHill has four separate camp centers – one for each key age group (Grades 1-3, 4-6, 6-9, and 9-12). All the activities, meals, and housing are separate – so your child will only ever be around other kids their age.

They will spend their entire camp week with the same cabin mates and counselors. The intimacy of the small group helps your child build meaningful relationships with others and gives them the confidence to get out of their comfort zone.

Where will my child sleep?

Each camp center has their own housing units. When you register you get to choose from one comfortable housing options with their cabin mates and counselors.

Where/What will my child eat?

All meals are prepared on site and are served three times daily. Each camp center has their own dining hall where campers eat with their cabin mates and couselors.


“Even though I was nervous to do the ropes course, I found that I could trust in God. Club was a really fun time, and I loved getting to worship Jesus in such a fun way."

Lauren Stone, InPursuit