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What makes a SpringHill Experience special?

What makes a summer at SpringHill one of the most impactful experiences of your life? This is a question we are asked time and again by kids, families, and summer leaders and WE LOVE it! It’s a chance for us to tell you the ways we’ve fallen in love with this place, and, more importantly, to tell you how the people that have had a SpringHill experience are impacted by Christ. Here are three things that come to mind…

Legacy and Tradition

Traditions are deeply rooted in camp culture, and we take pride in knowing that we too have traditions here. They come and go depending on what decade and generation of SpringHill you belong to, but we cherish them because they helped bring meaning to our experiences.

For the past decade or more Crud Wars has been a staple for our 6-9 th grade programs. The same can be said for our 4th-6th grade programs when you think about Wednesday Night Live, or what about Infiltration X for our 1st-3rd graders? And there are service projects for TST, The Voyager canoe for our older campers, and dare we say Duct Tape Man from family camp?

Traditions can help us feel bought in to something bigger then ourselves. They are an opportunity for all of us to have a shared experience with a cabin mate, fellow staffer, or family member. At SpringHill these traditions develop a sense of belonging and purpose to help our campers, summer leaders, and families say “I was a part of that in ‘x’ year!” We don’t keep doing them because we want to ride the train for as long as possible. We do them so we can relate and show that the way an experience unfolds is impactful and valuable to everyone involved.

Summer Leaders…as you prepare to arrive at camp for the summer, get ready! There is going to be a lot to learn, but we know you are going to hit the ground running. You have the most important job at SpringHill, telling kids about Jesus, and you’re going to be doing the weirdest stuff to convey His life-saving Message. Where else have you taught someone about Jesus while eating spaghetti with no utensils or blobbing them sky high?


No…we’re not going to talk about the crush you’ve had (or will have). Relationships are the most important thing we develop. Your ability to speak into another person’s life is based on the relationship you have with them.

Kids look up to our leaders at some of their most vulnerable moments for guidance. We’ve all had kids get scared on the top of the zip line, and who is there to help them through their fear? One of you…their summer leader. When little Tina asks about who Jesus is and how she can invite Him into her life…you’re the one that will be there. It sounds like a lot of pressure and that’s okay, because at the end of the day, you’re going help kids have a life-impacting experience.

You’re also going to be learning what it’s like to live in one of the most intentional communities you will ever be part of. We always talk about how our ‘SpringHill friends’ are still the closest we have and there’s a reason for that. You’re going to be working with 400 people that you may say are your best friends after your three-month summer.

Jesus Christ

You can’t talk about SpringHill without talking about the fact that Christ MOVES here! He’s always moving and doing and making things new without SpringHill…but He is, after all, our main focus. Kids need to learn about Jesus! Summer leaders are passionate about Him and love telling kids about Him! It’s a known fact.

Countless kids come into contact with Jesus for the first time while they are at SpringHill and, for some reason, He has chosen us to walk alongside them through the process. There’s also a lot of trust from parents to allow our Summer Leaders to be the guide for their kids. It is our mission to make sure that everyone hears the good news of Jesus Christ. As a summer leader you will go through a lot of spiritual growth yourself that will prepare and enable you to answer the hard questions kids have, and to help them understand what it means to be a Christian in the future. Christ does amazing work at SpringHill…we’re simply here to help lay the foundation.

Whether this is going to be your first summer or tenth, we hope and pray you will have the most impactful experience of your life here at SpringHill.

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