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Three Ways to Plan Your Summer Schedule

With summer approaching faster than you can keep up with, thoughts of organization fly out the window as your calendar clutters with all possible appointments, play dates for the kids and vacations.

Unfortunately, the excitement of summer gives way to stress as your schedule grows overwhelming. How do you keep up with the plans and the continually changing appointments and family schedules?

Planning out your summer doesn’t need to feel stressful. If you stay ahead of the game with these tips, your schedule won’t appear as daunting to deal with.

  • Get organized. Take a few hours to figure out the important, set in stone appointments. If you know ahead of time which days you have birthdays or booked vacations, you will feel much more organized when filling in the rest of your calendar.
  • Use pencil (or technology). As your schedule takes shape with the important dates, write everything else in your calendar using pencil. That way, when life throws a curve ball and a plan changes, you can easily erase it from your schedule, keeping everything organized and neat. Make use of technology by setting up a synchronized calendar on your smartphone. Things are easily editable and shared with everyone.
  • Make time for family. Family comes before all other plans. Before the summer begins, sit down with everyone and discuss the family activities you want to do together. Whether it’s a weekend road trip to the beach or a family camp at SpringHill, make time for an opportunity that will provide your family with the chance to learn more about Christ and each other.

You can’t plan for everything, but we hope that these simple tips will help you spend less time coordinating baseball games and swimming lessons, and more time spent with family and friends enjoying the summer season.

Find out more about family camps and other opportunities for the whole crew this summer.

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