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Summer Leader Blogs: Conner's Story

Over the past five summers, I have served in a number of roles with SpringHill – as a Day Camps counselor, area director, assistant director, and site coordinator. I would say I’ve had an extensive and well-rounded SpringHill experience. In addition to working with kids in Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois, helping them to learn about their God and grow in their faith, I learned a lot about my own faith, my relationships with others, and my calling. Here are just a few of the more important lessons I’ve learned.

Pay attention to the leaders around you.

To this day, some of the people I respect most in this world are those that I’ve worked alongside as a leader or who have led me. From fellow counselors to fellow assistant directors to directors, I’ve met and known people that have helped shape the person I’ve become and am still becoming. SpringHill attracts great people with a similar vision and mission: proclaiming the gospel of Christ to young people – it’s no wonder that I, along with so many others, have formed lifelong friendships and relationships during my time at SpringHill.

Be a leader yourself.

When I interviewed for SpringHill during the spring of 2013 to become a member of Summer Staff, I didn’t consider myself a leader in any sense of the word. Sure, I had been a senior leader for my cross country and track teams in high school and led worship frequently in school chapels, but I didn’t think that I had inherent leadership qualities or abilities. I considered myself a follower without any agency. Fast forward a year to Summer 2014, and I found myself entering leadership staff as an area director. Camp brings out the leader in you – embrace that and don’t shrug off your role as a leader. You’re not just a counselor – you are a counselor, and, as such, you have an important leadership role. Grow into that, even if it’s difficult or seems out of place.

SpringHill is a place for professional development, too.

No, camp is not just for people who want to have a fun summer away before they head back into the “real world” – whatever that means. SpringHill also provides opportunities for professional growth for its leaders. Through my SpringHill experience, I’ve developed and grown in various professional areas, including customer service, organization, communication, and human and staff relations. As I enter the field of education, my SpringHill experience has been incredibly helpful to developing instruction, leadership, and communication that is necessary for teaching.

Enjoy your time at SpringHill.

Seriously – don’t get bogged down by what might seem stressful or menial. This is a life-changing experience, so make the most of it. Develop meaningful relationships; love on a bunch of kids; grow in your faith; proclaim the gospel; share your testimony with a friend. Also, don’t forget the smaller things, like telling jokes, sharing funny camper stories and quotes, drenching scores of campers during counselor splash-off, and making a fool of yourself in a lunch-time skit or lip-sync battle.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list. In any given summer at SpringHill, there are countless lessons to be shared and to be learned. The thing is: for them to make a true difference, you need to learn them for yourself.

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