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Summer Leader Blogs: Colin's Story

When I was 18, I graduated high school, and had my eyes set on becoming an engineer. I was certain that I wanted to help people by rebuilding crumbling infrastructure around the world. When I was a sophomore at Calvin College, I realized Civil Engineering was not for me. Honestly, I hated it. I switched majors to Social Work still with the consistent underlying desire to help others. I felt God pushing me somewhere and I had no idea where. Immediately after switching degrees, I saw a Facebook post from someone I would describe as barely an acquaintance saying SpringHill was a wonderful place, and people (I) should sign up to work there. Now, I had no idea this is what God wanted me to do. I wish I could say I did, but no, I just signed up because it looked like fun. God had other plans, God was at work to grow my faith and my character.

For the last three summers, I worked at SpringHill in a variety of roles. I had the opportunity to find a family of Christ followers that supported me during and in between camp seasons. My first year, it was an ongoing joke that we were all just camp friends but we should be, “real” friends or friends after camp too. To this day, I still talk and keep in regular contact with those “real” friends. We still joke about all the crazy things that happened at SpringHill. The kind of stories that you had to see to believe. The campers that you just can’t help but remember forever. The times you were barely able to make it through the week.

My time at SpringHill was more than the friendships, the God moments that shaped me, the memories we had, the stories we experienced. It was a place where I also learned a bunch of different skills. To think on my feet when an activity can’t run anymore and we need to come up with a new one. To improvise when an Area Director is sick and we need another person for the skit. To manage my time and energy, so I can still give all I can to those kids coming week 10.

SpringHill is a place where I learned to grow as a real leader. Not one who is just in charge of people, but a person that people want to have in charge of them. I learned how to relate to high schoolers, middle schoolers, college students, and elementary students all at the same time. I learned to be a person that seeks after God, and isn’t afraid to go into the unknown of who I will be living with next week in my host home or the unknown of life after camp. All of this wouldn’t have happened, I wouldn’t have learned any of this, met any of these people, or done any of the awesome things that I got to, if God hadn’t prepared my heart first, and hadn’t put that random guy into my life so I would apply to be a counselor. It is a crazy thing, and it still baffles me, but I did the possible and God made the impossible happen.

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