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Summer Leader Blogs: Bailey's Story

My first summer at Springhill was everything; I woke up each morning amazed that God had chosen me to work at a place where I got to share the love of Christ openly, worship every day, and provide a safe space for kids to come, ask questions, and begin to take ownership of their faith. It was an unbelievably beautiful, exhausting, joy-filled summer.

Fast forward to a few months later and I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I felt called to come back to SpringHill - my spirit was so secure in where God wanted me and what He wanted me to be doing, but I was turned down for the job. Uncertainty rocked my world; why had God given me so much confidence in applying, if that wasn’t where He wanted me? I decided to try to learn contentment. I accepted, after many tears and many hours of talking at God, that I must have misunderstood His plan for me. It was a season without clarity, and it was hard.

Fast forward again: it’s May and I’m preparing to study abroad in Taiwan. Through what I believe was a lot of prompting from God, I am offered another interview for the same position I was turned down for a few months back, but there’s a catch: I’ll be working with a new age group. I finished the interview and thought, “No way. This is too good to be true. God wouldn’t make me wait all these months and deal with rejection, if this is where He wanted me after all. Don’t get your hopes up.”

I woke up one morning in Taiwan, expecting life to proceed as normal. I turned my alarm off and saw an email from Springhill. I was offered the position! I immediately woke up everyone I knew to celebrate God’s faithfulness with me! What a joyous day! Shortly after, though, fear crept in. It was a new camp center and I wouldn’t know a soul. Plus, I would be arriving to training late because of studying abroad. I felt unworthy and unequipped.

This summer wasn’t easy by any stretch, but I saw more growth, more freedom, more victory, and more life-changing grace than ever before. This summer I served in an entirely new capacity. I shared the gospel at campfires, supported and loved both campers and staff, and learned to accept love, help, and support from others who wanted to see my faith strengthened and grown. This summer I learned to ask big, trust in God’s unending faithfulness, and watch as the King of Kings opened the eyes and softened the hearts of hundreds of campers. Campers who realized for the first time that they are loved, not because of what they’ve done, but because of who created them and who they are in Him. God has used SpringHill to teach me to trust in His faithfulness, to rest in His promises, and to lean into a community that would become a family of the most wonderful, sacrificially loving, selfless people I have ever encountered. God grew me that first summer, make no mistake, He just wasn’t even close to being finished with me at Springhill.

I am so grateful that God would bring me back and for providing a place like SpringHill that is about so much more than working with kids, making lifelong friends, and having fun. Springhill is a place that creates opportunities for kids and staff to passionately pursue God, and I promise that if He asks you to go and you answer in faith, you will encounter Him like never before.

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