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SpringHill is just an all around amazing place, with the most loving and Godly people everywhere you turn. I remember my friends going to SpringHill when I was a young girl. I always wished I could go, but I never asked my parents if I could. I always felt bad asking them to pay for things.

I was reminded of SpringHill by a coworker when my daughter was in first grade and my son was in kindergarten. I looked it up, and was very impressed with all that I read, so I signed my daughter up that summer after 1st grade. My husband Jeff, son Caden, and daughter Emily made the 3 hour trek up north to SpringHill in Evart, Michigan.

The young people that greeted us at the entrance were so full of energy I actually cried with joy and excitement for what my daughter was soon to experience. They spoke to both of my kids, made them feel like they were the focus of the day, and even my shy son got a little excited.

The check in process was a well oiled machine, and my daughter waved with excitement as they swept her off on a fire truck while we followed behind in order to help her set up and say our goodbyes. I loved how they posted photos everyday so we could “check” on our daughter a bit, and I also loved that we could leave mail for her to open each day.

We took a tour of the camp and my husband commented that he wished he could go to camp here and wondered if they ever needed volunteers. I went home and looked up information and soon signed both of us up to volunteer the following year.

We picked her up and she was just absolutely full of joy and excitement, she asked if she could stay another week! We immediately signed her and my son up for the following year. This year my daughter will be attending her 9th year, this year in TST, and my son, in his 8th year, will be attending New Frontiers High Adventures.

We are blessed with a home church that has helped teach our kids God’s truths and stories in deep and meaningful ways, but sometimes my kids have felt some of the general conversations in small groups were not quite deep enough. Every summer at SpringHill they have approached their counselors, and every year, their counselors have taken time to speak to them at their current level and answer their questions.

One summer my daughter was struggling with a few typical teen things, and her counselor approached me on the last day and asked if she could keep in touch with her. She followed up with her for some time after camp was over. Amazing!

I have also attended many women’s retreats with amazing speakers, musicians, and so many fun activities. I finally got the camp experience I never had as a kid, and I can’t wait for more. Our family has attended several family camps, and I have co-lead my kids and other students on a few winter retreats at SpringHill.

Everything is done with a focus on God, with excellence, and attention to detail. If Walt Disney were to design a Christian Camp for all seasons, he couldn’t have done it better than SpringHill! No detail missed, something for everyone, an overwhelming sense of safety and everyone feels loved and important.

Blog post contributed by Robyn Walsworth, SpringHill mom

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