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I started going to SpringHill after 1st grade and have gone every year since. 2017 will be my 9th year.


I love SpringHill because it forces you to socialize with people. We don’t have our phones, so our only source of communication is the people that are in the same cabin as us.

It’s so refreshing to be able to have real conversations without worrying about looking through my Instagram feed or if the person I’m talking to has more followers than I do, because at SpringHill it doesn’t matter.

You have the chance to meet some amazing people at SpringHill who will become your best friends for that week. They have similar stories and are in similar places that you are with your faith. I’ve met one of my best friends there who I’m still constantly texting and Face Timing, and I will have the opportunity to see her again at camp this year.

I also love it for the messages. They really relate to what teenagers are going through, and we get to go more in depth with Bible stories; the teachings help you relate the Bible to life and find God in anything you do.

Also, the food is amazing.

The counselors are so amazingly chosen, and they are basically your big sisters for the week. They help grow your faith and help you along your walk with Christ. They are real with you, and let you talk about anything with them, which is such a cool opportunity to have. I look forward to being a counselor at SpringHill when I graduate!

Emily Walsworth is a high school student, daughter of Robyn, and a TST camper this summer.

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