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SpringHill Family Camp: Crazy...but in the best way

My husband and I did something kind of crazy. We went tent camping on Memorial Day weekend with our almost 3-year-old. And our 8-month-old. For a whole weekend. Sounds a little foolish, right?

Believe it or not, not only did we survive, but we had a perfect weekend thanks to SpringHill’s Memorial Day Family Camp.

Obviously, one of the most stressful things about camping trips is the food. The planning, the shopping, the packing, and the actual assembly and cooking of meals can be incredibly stressful. And, let’s be honest, I get hangry fast, so, there’s no room for error here. I get a little anxious thinking about the possibility of my food getting soggy from melting ice or burning to a crisp over a campfire. Not to mention, prepping meals for my family while camping means battling the elements (rain, hot sun, bugs, etc.).

What’s the solution? SpringHill Family Camp’s meal plan. Every day, we went to breakfast, lunch, and dinner in SpringHill’s massive dining hall. All the food was family-friendly and more than satisfied our hungry tummies. We enjoyed taking our time around the table, getting seconds, and just relaxing over an extra cookie or two. We didn’t have to prep a single meal or wash a single dish.

Like crazy people, we chose to bring our tent and sleep there. Fortunately, this actually worked really well for our family as myself and my husband have done a lot of tent camping. However, if your family isn’t as comfortable sleeping in a tent, your family can rent one of SpringHill’s cabins. And these aren’t just any cabins! Your family can stay in a teepee, a caboose, a western town, a fort, and more. Some cabins are more rustic than others, but they are all cozy and clean with no set-up required! Have a camper or trailer? SpringHill has campsites with hookups for your RV, too!

So, we’ve got the food and the shelter covered. But what did we do all weekend?

My recollections of going camping usually involved simple things: swimming in the lake, riding bikes, playing in the woods. And you can, of course, do all these things at SpringHill Family Camp, but sometimes it’s nice to have a few more options.

For example, we swam in the lake but we also spent some time in the indoor pool when we needed a break from the sun. There’s also an outdoor pool with gigantic waterslide that my kids will adore when they’re older. We enjoyed visiting the animals at the petting farm, cruising around camp on the trams, climbing on the Adventure Tower, and paddling a canoe. My son’s favorite part? Playing in the spring by the craft house! And when my kids are older, you better believe I’ll be riding down the zipline with them and blobbing them so high that I’ll question my parenting technique.

The last (and most important) thing I have to say about SpringHill Family Camp is that it creates an optimal environment to disconnect from your family’s normal routine and to grow together in Christ. I cannot think of another place where this would happen so easily and intentionally. The family-focused speaker and band allowed my family to worship together and laugh together. SpringHill also has childcare available during the sessions, so we were able to take my youngest there when she got fussy. It could not get more family-friendly!

SpringHill literally thought of every detail to create a weekend in which families can have fun and grow closer to Christ. Will we be going back to Memorial Day Family Camp this year? With baby number 3 arriving early-May, I’m not sure we’re feeling that crazy. But, maybe, we’ll be ready to bring the gang by Labor Day Family Camp? If you see a woman who hasn’t showered all weekend, surrounded by three kids aged 4 and under, and is smiling from ear-to-ear, that’s me!

You can register for Memorial Day or Labor Day Family Camp now!

Contributed by Kristen Cnossen

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