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Being a Summer Leader: Life changing experiences can be hard to come by


Life changing experiences can be hard to come by. Personally, I’ve only had a few, and the thought of creating one for someone else seems like a daunting task. Here at SpringHill, I have the opportunity to go through a life changing experience for myself and have the privilege of helping campers do the same. I made the decision to give my summer to Jesus as I felt called to be a summer staff, or “summer leader” as we like to call it here. This summer I will be a camp counselor for 6th-9th grade boys at SpringHill.

Everyone has a great summer camp story. Maybe you did something brave, made a best friend, or started to look at life in a way you hadn’t before. For me, I am hoping to play a part in kids’ lives by helping them grow in their relationship with Jesus, foster friendships with their peers and brothers in Christ at camp, be a role model, and say the prayer with them that changes their lives forever by accepting Christ into their hearts. I hope that when my campers look at me, they don’t see their super fun, super cool camp counselor (though that would be nice). I hope they see the love of Christ shining through me. I pray that God will use me in ways I didn’t know I was capable of.

This summer job might be the most important summer of my life. I may never have another opportunity to constantly be with a handful of young guys where my only purposes for being there are to share the Gospel and have fun with them! Each camper comes to camp with a different need in their lives. Some simply need Jesus, some need to develop their faith and leadership, and some just need a friend to talk to because they haven’t been heard for years. Our jobs are to recognize what they need and just be that for them! It’s not going to be easy. In fact this job is far too big to do alone. The great thing about SpringHill is that we have our fellow counselors, but more importantly we know Jesus has our backs and is with us through it all.

In training we talked a lot about how Jesus called Peter to follow Him even though he was just a fisherman. He called fishermen, tax collectors, and sinners. I’ve met counselors from all different backgrounds and walks with Christ. The more summer leaders I meet the more I realize how different we all are. We’re different but each of us have one thing in common: we were called and we answered.

Written by Jacob Kerr, 2016 Summer Leader. Jacob is a junior at Purdue University pursuing a major in marketing. He is working this summer as an InPursuit counselor at SpringHill Indiana. He loves hanging out with friends, playing basketball, and getting ice cream at Dairy Queen. He has a passion for helping kids grow in their relationship with Christ and hopes God will use him this summer to do exactly that. Jacob will be documenting his experience as a Summer Leader in this blog series. Jacob is shown in the photo above on the right.

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