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How well do you know SpringHill?

1. In which year was SpringHill founded?





2. The SpringHill property in Evart, MI used to be a:

a. Shetland pony farm

b. Military training facility

c. Wildlife preserve

d. Tulip farm

3. SpringHill’s two overnight locations used to be called:

a. Old Camp & New Camp

b. Copper Country & Red Brush

c. Camp 44 & Camp 39

d. North Camp & South Camp

4. Types of cabins at SpringHill have included:

a. Covered wagons

b. Cabins on stilts

c. Stockade houses

d. All of the above

5. For how many years has SpringHill Day Camp been running?

a. 8

b. 10

c. 12

d. 14

6. Approximately how many staff members will be hired this summer?

a. 250

b. 500

c. 750

d. 1000

7. Which items are essential for Crud Wars?

a. Flour, horse feed, shaving cream

b. Jello, powdered sugar, whipped cream

c. Oatmeal, tie-dye, marshmallow fluff

d. Paint, mud, toothpaste

8. Finish this song: “Flea! Flea fly! __________”

a. La vista!

b. SpringHill rules!

c. Flea fly flo!

d. Boom!

9. What do we say after praying at SpringHill?

a. Amen and amen.

b. Crowns for Jesus!

c. Hoo rah!

d. Your Kingdom come.

10. What do we call the SpringHill logo?

a. The SpringHill Spring

b. The Excitement Symbol

c. The Praise Point

d. The Energy Mark


1. B: 1969. 269 kids came to SpringHill our first summer! Now we have about 28,000 every year!

2. A: Shetland pony farm. The pony farm, called Spring Hill Farms, was operated by the Decker family in the 1950s.

3. C: Camp 44 & Camp 39. The numbers referred to the latitude (geographic coordinates) of the properties.

4. D: All of the above. Today, some of SpringHill’s housing units include cabooses, teepees, forts, and even an airplane!

5. C: 12. Day Camp started in 2006.

6. D: 1000. College students from across America (and sometimes even outside of America) come to work for SpringHill every summer!

7. A: Flour, horse feed, shaving cream. Crud Wars is a messy but fun activity played by anyone in our 6th-9th grade program.

8. C: Flea fly flo! These are lyrics from a repeat-after-me campfire song known as “Flea”. You might have already heard it before!

9. B: Crowns for Jesus! We stand in a circle and hold hands when we pray. When we say “Crowns for Jesus” we put our hands in the air, so the circle resembles a crown, our heads are the jewels and our hands are the points.

10. D: The Energy Mark. You’ll see The Energy Mark everywhere at SpringHill! It was created to capture the SpringHill experience - It’s fun, energetic, and some say they even see the “Jesus fish” in it!

How did you do? Share your score in the comments below!

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