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How to raise Christian kids in a non-Christian world

content-pre-teen-boys-prayer.jpgWhen it comes to raising your kids, mistakes will be made, victories will be celebrated, tears will be shed and laughter will be contagious. You take each moment as it comes and treasure the time spent with your little ones while they’re still at home.

But what happens when they venture out into a world that will throw temptations in their path with each step they take? A world that won’t celebrate their steadfastness, but will instead try to test it?

Bringing up your kids in a Christian environment means preparing them for a world that isn’t so Christ-focused. But that’s easier said than done, right? Just bringing your family to church each week doesn’t ensure they will have the right foundation to make it in this world.

So what does it take to prepare your kids through a solid, Christian foundation? Is it just about having family Bible time, or does it go deeper than that?

The Foundation

Building the groundwork for your kids is the first step to providing them with what they need. Here are a few tools to guide you in the right direction.

  • Live as an example for your kids. As a parent, you know that your kids, no matter their ages, watch how you react, how you choose your words and how you make decisions. In many households, children model what they know and see. If you choose to make an effort to live like Jesus, your kids are more likely to do the same!
  • Set them up for success. Expecting your child to fail or give into temptation doesn’t build them up in Christ. Provide them with opportunities to shine! What does this look like practically? One way is to help them establish a positive, Christian group of friends.
  • Create an open environment at home. If your kids know they can come to you with anything, they won’t be as tempted to hide mistakes, decisions or questions.

The Opportunities

Spending time at church and in your home with the family lays a great foundation. But sooner or later, your kids won’t be under your watchful eye. Providing them with places to feel independent when they’re young enables them to start creating good habits and decision-making skills now.

  • Sports are a a great place for kids to thrive. Not only does joining a sport give them an opportunity to get out some energy and have fun, but it also teaches them how to do so with other adults and children. They learn independence, decision-making skills, patience and how to give glory to God in all they do. When kids learn how to do everything for the glory of God, it’s easier to keep that mindset as they grow older!
  • Mission trips instill a servant’s attitude while reminding kids of all they have to be thankful for. Keep in mind, that some ages may not be ready for a mission trip until the end of middle school or high school. As their parent, you know when the right time is for a trip that will challenge them spiritually and will give them the chance to grow in their faith.
  • Christian summer camp creates an environment for all ages that helps them make decisions about their faith. It’s a great way for your child to gain a little independence in a contained, monitored, fun and safe environment. Counselors provide mentorship and are young enough to meet kids where they are and share their testimony and journey and provide a safe place for questions.

So while it may be scary to think about your kids out in the real world, remember that you have opportunities to set them up for success while they’re still young. And don’t forget, raising your kids isn’t just about doing all the right things and giving the perfect advice. Prayer and displaying patience is a huge aspect of parenthood! You aren’t perfect, but God is. Ask Him for wisdom and guidance.

Proverbs 22:6 says “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” Ensuring that your kids will not turn from their faith and their convictions means praying for them each day and giving them over to the Lord. After all, He’s the One who directs their steps and holds their future.

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