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How to Choose the Best Summer Experience for Your Child

With school out for the summer, days easily fill with the pool, neighborhood sports tournaments and lazy afternoons in front of the TV. For the kids, this time simply means vacation. As a parent, this time holds more importance than simply time out of the classroom.

Choosing a summer experience for your child isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. You know the importance of making sure each day fills with the right balance of fun and challenge that will encourage growth during this season.

What are my options?

After sitting in classrooms all day during the school year, summer is the time for kids to drink in some sunshine. Thankfully, there are plenty of summer activities to choose from that help kids get their energy out in a constructive way.

  • Summer sports leagues prove an excellent option for your energetic child. Without the stress of school or the worry of homework, spending time with a team can be a way for your child to meet new friends and learn how to work together with others.
  • Academic programs can be a fun way for children to experience learning outside the classroom in a more hands-on environment.
  • Day camps offer a chance for your child to experience a camp atmosphere without the nerves that come with spending nights away from home.
  • Overnight camps are a great option if your child is ready to experience an adventure away from home.

How do I choose?

You know your child best. Finding the right activity that will help your child thrive this summer means thinking about what your child needs and what will provide the best experience. While there are options that last all summer, going to camp for a week could be the perfect choice for you.

Summer camp provides a wonderful balance of activity, learning, fellowship and independence for campers. During a week at camp, kids experience life-changing lessons as they learn new skills and form bonds with other campers and their counselors.

No matter the age, kids can face issues of confidence and identity at school. When they arrive at camp, the competition and need to impress disappears as the focus becomes new friends, fun activities and personal growth.

At SpringHill , we train our staff to not only keep a safe environment for and have fun with your kids, but we also train up leaders who will guide campers into a deeper relationship with Christ. After a week at SpringHill , your camper will come home with a greater understanding of who Jesus is.

What’s the first step?

Don’t wait until school is out before you make your summer selection! Take time this week to talk with your child and decide what experience is the best choice. If that decision includes summer camp, check out your options at SpringHill. We offer partial weeks so even if your child is required to attend an academic program or is committed to a sport, your family can still experience SpringHill if only for a few days out of the week.

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