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Devotional: How is God’s Knowing Different From Mine?

Psalm 147:5, “Great is our Lord and might in power; His understanding has no limit.”

One of the glories of God is that He knows everything! As Psalm 147:5 states, “His understanding has no limit.” This is one of the great wonders of God because our knowledge and understanding have limits!

It is impossible for us to know everything or gain “enough” knowledge and that can crush us. It questions our sense of rights and challenges our ego. This is something I dealt with and unfortunately, learned the hard way.

In my school, most people only claimed to be Christians because that’s how they were raised—like most of us, never understanding the full grace of God.

Many would go to church on Sunday, claim to follow Christ in chapel, but on the weekends openly do things that didn’t reflect this. This was everywhere in my school. I began to notice a difference in how a lot of my friends treated the sin in their lives and how it affected me. Most of them were okay with living this way, but I never was.

My attitude became judgmental, those in my school that didn’t take their faith seriously, never knew as much as I did. They weren’t faithful to Christ in the way they lived it. They didn’t study Scripture the way I did (so I must know more than them).

Have you ever let your thoughts drift here?

Because of their lack of commitment to Christ, I view them as lower than me. I saw myself as a better Christian. I claimed that because I took my faith seriously and I dedicated my times of study to Scripture, I must know everything.

Theology and religion classes were simple for me. I passed with flying colors and never had to worry about studying. I could always justify my wrong with Scripture, and when that failed my judgmental attitude as I “held them accountable.”

I now see this as one of the worst beliefs I ever held!

Having graduated from high school, I went off to college to study religion and youth ministry. College began a new chapter in my life, but I still had the same attitude: “I knew everything or at least enough, and college was what I had to do to move on in life.”

As the year went on, I began meeting older, wiser people. Classes that I was expecting to be easy were hard—I actually had to study to pass these classes! Effort was required because what I thought I understood were sounding like brand new ideas to me.

After countless situations where I simply didn’t know the answer, I began to realize something—I don’t know everything!

Humiliated, and still trying to accept this, I’m beginning to work on some changes. This fact is so blatant, that I can’t avoid coming to terms with it.

I’m in my second year of college and I still struggle today with the idea that there is always room to grow in knowledge, wisdom, and faith. God is using this as a reminder to humble me and help me grow. Scripture shows that it’s okay to feel this way. It’s ok to know I’m only human and don’t need to know everything.

I’ve found Psalm 147:5 to be very comforting: “great is our Lord and might in power; his understanding has no limit” (NIV). This is what makes God us different. He is our Father and we are His children. We can look to Him for wisdom and knowledge, and in that, He gets the glory!

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