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Changing the Ministry Name to SpringHill

At SpringHill, over the last 15 years, one of the subtle but significant changes we’ve seen is that the people we serve (kids, families, ministry partners, donors, and staff) do not see SpringHill as a place, they see SpringHill as an experience. This is good news because it aligns with SpringHill’s stated mission - to glorify God by creating life-changing, SpringHill experiences where young people can come to know Jesus Christ and grow in their relationship with Him.

This change has also influenced the work we do, the way we envision the future, and how we talk about ourselves as a ministry. As to the work we do, we’ll always be about children, teens, and young adults and their spiritual growth in Christ. Yet, as we have seen over the past eight years, the context in which we create these experiences has changed. The SpringHill experience no longer happens just at an overnight camp, but now also happens in suburbs and cities all over the Midwest.

So as we look to the future we believe God is still calling us to create SpringHill experiences in the context of overnight and day camps. But we also believe He’s called us to create SpringHill experiences in more places so we can reach more kids. We believe He’s called us to discover new versions of the SpringHill experience and new contexts in which to create these life-changing experiences in.

All of this has led to a subtle change you’ll begin to notice in our communication.

There will be less “SpringHill Camps” and more simply “SpringHill”. This change isn’t a reflection of a change in SpringHill but a more accurate expression of who we are, what we do and will do, and how our stakeholders see us.

Thank you for your partnership in creating life changing experiences for young people. May God continue to use our combined efforts to build His Kingdom.

Where did the name “SpringHill” come from?

SpringHill’s overnight location in Evart, Michigan, was originally Spring Hill Farms, the recreational home of Collie and Pearl Decker. This farm included a Shetland pony ranch, a fish hatchery, and Christmas tree lot until it was acquired by the Evangelical Free Church in 1968. The founders decided to preserve part of the original name when it opened as Spring Hill Camps for the summer of 1969.”

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