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Being a Summer Leader: Attitude is everything


We are a few weeks into camp, and it has been evident that God has shown up. It’s been amazing to watch campers grow in their relationship with Christ right in front of my eyes, even though I only have them for a week. I’ve seen middle school guys learn the importance of worship, encouragement of others, and how to become closer to God each day without becoming stagnant in their faith. Every counselor I’ve talked to has a different incredible story of how one of their campers had a life changing experience where they could feel the Holy Spirit moving.

One aspect of camp that has stood out to me so far is the importance of having a good attitude. Being a Summer Leader at SpringHill is a satisfying, fun job, but I’d be lying to you if I said it wasn’t tough. The campground here at the Indiana location is fairly spread out, meaning we walk most everywhere we need to go. It’s hot, we’re all tired, and everyone is anxious to get to our next activity. But what I’m learning is that a positive attitude from just one camper or Leader can change everything.

In the book of Acts, Paul goes through more trials than we can count. He was beaten, wrongfully thrown in jail, ridiculed, and beaten some more. Being a Christian and following God’s plan isn’t going to be easy. It should be the toughest thing we’ll have to face. But Paul praised God anyways. So much so that even the Roman jailers took notice and wanted to know about this God he was following. He goes on in Philippians and says “for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.” He says no matter what the situation is “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Here at camp, we obviously don’t go through the same trials Paul faced, but there are definitely times where we want to complain. But we praise God anyway.

We had a lot of rain last week and unfortunately got stuck inside for most of one day. We made the best of it and had some fun with skits and free time in the pool room. One of my campers came up to me later that day and said, “You know what Jacob, I’m glad it rained. We got a chance to get to know each other better and have an awesome foosball tournament.” A round of applause went through my head as I agreed with him. Our attitudes can make or break a week at camp. If one camper chooses to have a positive attitude no matter the situation, the rest of the group feeds off his energy. It’s an amazing thing to watch. There will be times at camp when we will have to walk longer than you want to, or it will rain, or it will be hot, or we’ll be tired, but we’ll praise God anyway.

Written by Jacob Kerr, 2016 Summer Leader. Jacob is a junior at Purdue University pursuing a major in marketing. He is working this summer as an InPursuit counselor at SpringHill Indiana. He loves hanging out with friends, playing basketball, and getting ice cream at Dairy Queen. He has a passion for helping kids grow in their relationship with Christ and hopes God will use him this summer to do exactly that. Jacob will be documenting his experience as a Summer Leader in this blog series. Check out his first blog on life changing experiences.

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