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Adventurous Faith isn't comfortable

Although it has been spring for over a month now, it has not really felt like it. Winter seemed to drag on forever but now spring is FINALLY in the air! And spring means that summer is just around the corner. We are so excited to start another summer of life-changing experiences!

I have had the privilege of being involved at SpringHill in three different capacities. As a TST camper in high school, a summer staff member for 3 summers, and now as full-time staff. This summer will be my first as a Day Camp Director. It has been truly special working in a place with like-minded people all united in Christ. I am proud to tell people where I work, but my favorite part about my spiel is explaining my personal favorite SpringHill Core Value “Adventurous Faith.”

As followers of Jesus, we are sometimes called to do some crazy stuff. Like trusting in something we literally cannot see! Or maybe we are called to do some things we are very uncomfortable doing. Either way, Jesus has a habit of making sure His followers learn and grow to avoid becoming stagnant. This can be difficult because human beings can be inherently scared of new things.

While society today is geared toward keeping us comfortable where we are, Adventurous Faith calls us to something more than we currently are. To learn and grow is to be counter-cultural and that is not easy. I’ve heard it said that personal growth is humanity’s greatest fear and strongest need. Strange isn’t it? We need to learn and grow but we are so afraid of it! This kind of thinking and fear can lead to complacency. If you avoid growth, then you stay the same.

It is easy for Christians to fall into this complacency problem, but our God is a God of growth. He calls us into this Adventurous Faith with an outstretched hand, waiting for us to grab it. He is so adventurous that He called Moses to lead a rebellion. He is so adventurous that He came down to Earth Himself. He is so adventurous that He walked on water and invited us to do the same. Our God is clearly an adventurous God.

Take the aforementioned story of Jesus walking on water (Matthew 14:22-33). When the disciples see Jesus on the water they become terrified, but Jesus instantly attempts to calm them. He tells them to not be afraid and to have courage (v. 27). I can picture Jesus stretching out a hand while the waves crash around Him. A calming presence in the middle of a torrential downpour. This is what Jesus is to us. He is the calm DURING the storm. Not before or after. He calls us to Him. Sometimes that means taking a crazy risk (like walking on water) but we can take heart in Him.

My favorite part about this whole story are the words Jesus says after he tells the disciples to take courage. He says three words that can solve all of our problems. He tells them, “I am here.” These words have the power to change lives. Jesus is here. With us. This should be life altering!

Our days change completely when we remember that Jesus is here with us. Right now. We should be waking up with a renewed sense of purpose instead of sleepily dropping our phones on our faces while we groggily check Facebook. If we knew Jesus was right next to us, here with us, would we still act in the same way?

Whenever my siblings and I were misbehaving when we were younger my mom would always ask us, “is that how you would act if 6-time NBA Champion Michael Jordan were here?” Obviously, the answer is no, I’d be asking to see his six championship rings. But, what if we constantly remembered that Jesus is with us all the time…how would we act? How would it change our behavior? I would like to really challenge all of us to go through our days as if Jesus were there, watching our lives. I bet we would all be more adventurously faithful if we remembered He were there. Ready to help.

Think about it in terms of our daily lives at SpringHill. When we are setting up a new Day Camp on week 10, God is there. When we are eating lunch and have no energy left to conquer the day, Jesus is there. When a kid asks an AMAZING question about Jesus, the Holy Spirit is there to guide us. When we have to perform the lunch time skit AGAIN and do the same lines AGAIN, God is there. Let us find joy in that!

I am so excited for this summer and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for SpringHill. I pray that we may all be rested for summer because it is going to be the best summer ever.

This blog post was contributed by Kurt Miller, West Michigan Recruiting Specialist

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