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A discovery project update

Wow! Where has the time gone? It seems like just last week the students were moving into their apartments and we were all getting to know each other during a dinner out. So much time has passed and so many memories have been made throughout that time. We wanted to take some time and update you on all that has been going on in the past few months as well as some of the exciting things we have planned in the near future!

We kicked off the month of September with three students and a mission: Service and Self-Discovery . We wanted the students, Sawyer, McKenzie, and Chris, to find out some of their strengths, weaknesses and how they would grow together as a team this year through service. The students partook in many different opportunities, including an in-depth study into the DISC personality test to help each of them better understand the strengths they are bringing with them into the project. They also had an opportunity to serve with Habitat for Humanity, God’s Kitchen, our Overnight property in Michigan and even with City Fest here in Grand Rapids.

Throughout the first month, we continued to pray and ask for prayers for more students to join our program this year. God answered those prayers in our second month! Deven joined us in the first week of October, making our total four students. It was so encouraging to see how intricately God had woven so many pieces together to bring Deven to us.

We were off to a great start to our Journey into month two! During the month we focused on Science and Technology. Science and technology is such a broad subject matter and as a staff, realized that there was such a wide range of experiences the students could participate in! This was also our first month of really getting into career exploration. We went full force into it focusing on IT, Manufacturing, Health Sciences and Environmental Sciences. The students were able to tour different manufacturing sites like steel mills and different types of farms such as a dairy farm and an urban city farm. They also met with different officials within MSU and GVSU med schools to explore the health field. During the entire month of study, the students created their own personal websites to be able to document their journey within the project.

Before we knew it, November was here, our third month into the project. November’s focus was Education. During the month, the students had the opportunity to sit down and interview different professionals all across the education field. They also got to see different forms of teaching and styles and even teach a class themselves. They experienced what a home school setting looks like as well as both a private and public school setting. The students had the opportunity to tour three different inner city schools in Detroit. Through all of their experiences within education month, they created and designed their very own school. They planned out what type of school it was going to be, what different programs the school would offer, and how they would staff it. They also explored what type of demographic their school would primarily serve. Education month was full of information and different career explorations within that.

This brings us to now. January or in other words, OUR FIFTH MONTH!! We’re beginning our first week where the students are finishing up Arts and Entertainment and also have been diving into Family Studies. Throughout the past few weeks, in December, they have been able to tour and volunteer at the Civic Theater as ushers and even tour different architect firms and design sites. One of their favorite parts was coming up with and preforming a different art piece. In the first few weeks of January they will explore many different areas when it comes to families and also start to prepare for what’s next in the program.

We have some exciting things ahead! The students will be heading out for a break during the holidays but when they return, they will dive into family studies. They will be exploring different cultures and the way their families live. We are excited about the opportunities that will come out of this.

At the end of January the students as well as resident advisors, Edison Miller and Lexi Schupbach and Program Director, Mary Bowers, will be departing for about three and a half weeks abroad. We will be travelling to South Africa and Mauritius. This will be such an unique and exciting experience for the students. We are asking you to partner in prayer with us. Pray for the time leading up to the trip and all of the planning that has been going into making it a success. We ask that you are praying for the Lord to prepare the hearts and minds of all those going. Pray for the work they will be doing while they are there as well as the lives they will touch and the lives that will touch their hearts.

Discovery Project is well into its first year Journey. We are excited and blown away by the successes of this first year and all of the growth that has happened in both the students as well as staff who are directly involved in their lives.


Edison Miller - Resident Advisor for The Discovery Project

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