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5 things you didn't know about SpringHill overnight camp

Since starting our day camp program in 2006, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with churches and ministries, be a part of the community, and see thousands of kids grow in their faith

But did you know that SpringHill started as an overnight camp? Yes, it’s true – we started as an overnight camp 50 years ago and have had a long time to refine and perfect what that experience looks like.

Surprisingly enough, the results of our most recent parent survey showed that a vast majority of our day camp families didn’t even know we had an overnight option!

Because of those results, we thought we’d share some of the differences between day camp and overnight camp, and why your kids will continue to love their week at SpringHill.

The energy – Remember the music? The big smiles and enthusiasm? Did you walk into Day Camp feeling the contagious energy? Believe it or not, you’ll be greeted the same way at our overnight locations, except you’ll also be in awe of God’s creation: the glistening spring-fed lakes, the enormous canopies of trees, the birds, the squirrels, and the sunshine. Each property is packed full of unique housing structures and activity areas such as blobs, zip lines, high ropes courses, horse barns, and more. Our Indiana property covers 750 acres while our property in Michigan is 850 - that’s a lot of land! Your first moment at one of our overnight properties will truly be unforgettable.

The staff – All of our summer leaders are top-of-the line. Our Overnight leaders, just like Day Camp leaders, are thoroughly interviewed, have multiple background checks, require three references, and must experience intensive training. They invest themselves fully into making the best experience for your child and recognize each child at the end of the week with an award.

What’s the difference at Overnight? At Overnight, counselors don’t also have to run activities. We hire lifeguards, high adventure instructors, craft instructors, target sports instructors, and horse wranglers who run these intensive activities. This allows our counselors to focus all their energy on your child’s spiritual growth, emotional needs, and engagement in activities. This also ensures kids are never left alone and that we can have at least two counselors per cabin. We also know it takes an extremely mature person to spend 22 hours a day with a cabin of kids (yes, that’s right, they only get a 2 hour break each day!), so we ensure that our counselors are ready for the challenge!

The duration – Day Camp is one week long. Most of our Overnight programs are also a week long. But, there really is something about being gone from home for a week that can be life-changing. When a kid is out of his or her comfort zone, away from screens, free from distractions, the emotional and spiritual growth can be truly dramatic. As a mom, I’m already terrified to send my kids away for a week when they’re old enough. However, I know that my weeks away at camp when I was young were transformative and I want the same thing for my own kids (even though it will be hard!).

The activities – How many years has your child been going to Day Camp? How many tie-dye shirts are in your house? Is your child almost half as tall as the Day Camp climbing wall yet? Dare I say it, are they getting bored with some of the activities? Overnight provides the opportunity to freshen up their SpringHill experience and incorporate new adventures. Paddling a canoe, ziplining, blobbing, new crafts, target sports, building campfires, riding horses, gigantic climbing walls, waterslides. Shall I go on? I think you get the picture!

The Jesus-focus – No matter which SpringHill experience you choose, your child will experience the perfect blend of faith and fun. Any activity they do will be debriefed and incorporated into what they’re learning about faith and about Jesus. Just like at Day Camp, there are also set-aside times for small group lessons.

At our overnight properties, kids get additional time in the evenings to learn about Jesus, and this happens around a campfire. If you’ve ever sat around a campfire, shoulder-to-shoulder with your friends, singing worship songs, you’ll know there is something supernatural about times like this. Close your eyes and imagine the smoky smell of the fire, the crickets chirping, the breeze on your cheeks, and the heavenly sound of fifty 5th grade girls or boys singing praises to God. These are the moments that have defined my overnight camp experiences at SpringHill.

Overnight experiences are for grades 1-12 at properties in Evart, Michigan (Northern Michigan) and Seymour, Indiana (Southern Indiana). You can register now for an unforgettable week today! Financial aid options are available.

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