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5 reasons why you should work at SpringHill

Millenials and Gen Z-ers are looking for fulfilling work now more than ever. In fact, having fulfilling work is actually the second most important thing that these generations are looking for in a job*. As a millennial myself, I know this to be true. We have a desire for work that will impact the world, and our future, for the better. This is one of the main reasons I chose to work at SpringHill this summer.

What I didn’t realize was that my summer was going to bring some unexpected challenges. About three weeks into my internship at SpringHill, my dad, who is suffering from cancer, decided to visit the US from Venezuela. I hadn’t seen him in years, and I knew I had to spend time with him while he was here.

Seeing him would mean stepping away from my internship for two weeks, and I wasn’t sure that SpringHill would allow me to take this time. As I talked to my boss about taking two weeks off, she assured me that being with my dad was most important. As my summer changed directions and life challenged me, I traveled to Chicago to be with my father. When I woke up the next morning, I started pondering my job at SpringHill, and why someone would choose to work there.

As the journalism intern, I get to interview kids and staff and hear their stories. I thought about the conversations I had and started to realize that there are some distinct reasons why I think working at SpringHill is not only impactful on the world, but on us as individuals. These are the reasons I think you should work at SpringHill.

1. Everybody works to Glorify God and spread his love.

As soon as you set foot on a SpringHill camp, you feel the vibrant and positive atmosphere. Strangers greet you and welcoming smiles are everywhere. People are ready to engage and enjoy the experience with you.

Every week when I visit a different day camp, I observe energetic, friendly, and committed people creating an unforgettable week for kids. Each week is as special and important as the previous one.

Sarah Voss, a SpringHill summer leader and a student at Hope College in Holland, Michigan, explained that what sparked her interest for SpringHill started when she was a camper. She saw her counselors joy from spreading the Gospel and having a community that is based on the Lord.” Ever since then she knew she wanted to “be part of a Christ-centered community.”

SpringHill glorifies God by creating these experiences and enabling young people to know and grow in a relationship with Christ. That is why Sarah said that even though it’s a job, it is also a partnership in following the mission and kingdom of God. When the day ends and you come back home, you understand that “serving the kingdom is more rewarding than serving yourself and other people.”

2. The SpringHill community is a family.

At SpringHill, you will be working with a team that has your back. As early as my second week working at SpringHill, I knew that I was working with people that valued collaboration, openness, and trust. “If something is wrong, there’s a family that cares,” said summer leader, Jacob Kohler, Washtenaw Community College graduate.

SpringHill’s relational focus is tucked in every corner of the office or camp activity. “You’ll always have the backbone of the community here,” said Victoria Vary, summer leader and a student at Western Michigan. It won’t take you long after you start working at SpringHill to know that it “is another family that you can lean on,” as Jacob said.

3. You will gain extraordinary leadership skills.

SpringHill provides you with training, tools, and knowledge so that you can go back to school or another job and have a real impact. You will work in an environment that encourages the development of leadership skills. It is a community based on trust that believes in your capability to excel.

“At first, I would be really nervous of my own voice. But now I am able to take control of a group and take on a leadership role,” said Canitera Rhodes, second-time counselor in training (CIT).

At SpringHill you are able to grow as a leader while having a great impact on someone’s life. Victoria Vary explained that the reason why she works for SpringHill is because of how much the counselors she had as a camper changed and impacted her life. “I wanted to have the same sort of impact on younger kids in their walk with God.

4. You can be yourself.

At SpringHill everyone is welcome. Life comes in different shapes and colors which is why diversity and questions are welcomed and celebrated.

“At SpringHill, I knew that no matter what, I was going to be loved, and I could show my true, one-hundred percent self,” said Victoria Vary.

One of the interns in the Marketing Team, Morgan Treser, said that contrary to at school, at SpringHill she felt comfortable opening up about her faith. “I could engage in enriching conversations without being afraid of saying the wrong things,” said Morgan.

SpringHill believes that there is always room for growth and improvement. “It is awesome that counselors feel open to asking questions,” said Victoria.

5. You learn what truly matters.

Working at SpringHill has the potential to change your life. “The reason why I am a Christian today is because of SpringHill,” said Victoria Vary.

I learned that SpringHill sees people as people.There is always a human beyond any job title. If you are having faith or family problems, this is a place where you can ask for help and call others family,” said Jacob Kohler.

Sarah Voss said that “even though it’s just a summer, it’s still life-changing.” For me, this looked like learning that God’s plan can be very different from the plan that we have for ourselves.

I wanted to perform excellently in my role this summer with no mistakes or obstacles. So when my dad came to visit, I was torn because I didn’t want to negatively impact my internship. As a Christ-follower, my boss supported and encouraged me to take the time to take care of my dad.

I am not sure that I would have been able to do that at any other internship.

I can say with confidence that if you work for SpringHill, you will grow professionally, as well as personally and spiritually. I learned that SpringHill’s mission to create life-impacting experiences that enable young people to know Christ and grow in a relationship with Him, not only applies to campers, but it also applied to me.

During my time at SpringHill, I‘ve gotten to know God’s love and character better through the people I‘ve met and experiences I had.

I agree with the summer leaders I interviewed when they said that “if you come, you will be spiritually recharged” and it is the best job you’ll ever have. There is something just different about SpringHill.

To learn more about becoming a summer leader, visit springhillleaders.com.

*Study by Adecco Staffing, USA

Blog post contributed by Yoe Rivas - 2019 SpringHill Journalism Intern

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